Ngor-okpala Transition Committee Chairman, Mayor Nweke and his “42” Appointees, Matters arising


History has it that the last INEC conducted Council elections in Nigeria was on Saturday 5th December,1998.
The elected Chairmen, alongside their Deputies were sworn-in on June 4th 1999 at the Handball Stadium.
Both the Chairmen and the Councillors all were issued with INEC CERTIFICATE OF RETURN.
Amongst them were Dr Jachimike Adiele (Owerri Municipal), Dr Kingsley IK Orji (Ezinihitte Mbaise), Dr Ikay Njoku (Aboh Mbaise), Dr Gideon Nweze (Oguta), WSC Uwakwe (Ohaji/Egbema), Mrs Amaka Agbiogwu (Ehime Mbano), Umensofor and Ethelbert Okwaranyia for (Ideato North and South), amongst others.
They had few Aides, even when the Presidential System of administration was introduced at the Local Government Areas in 2000.
They never bloated the Council’s with proliferation of appointments.
The rot in the Council’s began in June 2002 when the Council’s were dissolved at the end of their 3years tenure.
When trying to fill the vacuum created by the dissolution, President Olusegun Obasanjo in a meeting with the State Governors “advised” them to appoint “Transition Committee!”
” Transition” is defined as the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.
Currently, Ngor-Okpala LGA has a Transition Committee Chairman in the person of Mayor Nweke.
He made headlines this week when he incredibly “appointed” “42” Aides!
The question is, does he have the powers as a TC Chairman to engage in such Jamboree?
Yes, your guess is as good as mine.
It is most outrageous, coming at a time of non-payment of Workers Salaries and other allowances, non-payment of pensions.
It is on record that Joint Allocation and Accounts Committee (JAAC) meeting has ceased to exist under the present Gov. Hope Uzodinma administration.
JAAC Meeting is on a monthly basis where Government and relevant stakeholders meet to deliberate on allocations received, how it will be shared after statutory deductions are made.
It makes for transparency and knowledge of how much was brought.
Unfortunately, the present crop of TC does not know how much allocations accruing their various Council’s. To the effect that Workers Salaries are paid them directly from the State.
And in the face of all these, is the utter embarrassment by the Ngor-Okpala LGA TC Chairman Mayor Nweke, proudly announcing the Appointment of a whooping “42” Aides!
How will they be paid?
How much will they be paid?
Where did he derive his powers to make such appointments?
Since the Constitution does not recognize the existence of the “Transition Committee “, but elected Officials.
Will Workers Salaries and Pensions be diverted to accommodate the Mayor Nweke frivoulities
In other Council’s, where his colleagues are also appointing aides, non has announced more than 10 aides.
So why “42”?
Most annoying was Mayor Nweke during their purported inauguration, saying that he appointed them on “Merit” and ” advised” them to work ” to the satisfaction of Gov. Hope Uzodinma”!
As if there was any barometers to confirm the authenticity of the “Merit” claims and as if Gov. Hope Uzodinma directly appointed those people or that they were under the direct supervision of Gov. Hope and he is doing the “inauguration” on behalf of the Governor.
And “Charged them to assist in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic in Ngor-Okpala” by “ensuring that the people put on their face masks, wash their hands regularly as well as social distancing”
What a funny schedule that they are to fight against the Coronavirus, as if they are health experts or trained workers to do so.
Probably, the fight against the pandemic may be the reasons for the gathering.
Even a “Stakeholder” Mr Maxwell Onyeakaeze, couldn’t call Mayor Nweke to order, rather “Commended” him for his senselessness.
Ironically, the Director-General of the IMO STATE ORIENTATION AGENCY (ISOA) Dr Ethelbert Okere, who is from the LGA and has occupied various positions in Government, who is supposed to know better,was present at the occasion.
He couldn’t raise objections to the “42” appointments, which would not add any good to the Council’s existence.
Dr Okere rather shockingly described Mayor Nweke as a “Seasoned Technocrat”!
Please can We pick up any trace of “Technocracy” in the shameful venture, not to talk of it being “Seasoned”?
Mayor Nweke over-stepped his bounds and limits.
The quicker he reverses himself, the best for Ngor-Okpala in particular and entire IMO STATE in general .
Unless he is indirectly constituting a campaign council for the council polls or 2023 in advance.
Otherwise he will get into the record book as another Gov. Murtala Nyarko of Adamawa State, whom in his 2007-2014 rule as Governor had 2000 Aides across the 21 LGA’S of Adamawa State.
The effect of that deed continues to stare him in the face till date.
His Excellency Gov Hope Uzodinma should immediately convoke a retreat for the present IMO STATE 27 LGA’S Transition Committee Chairmen and Members.
Where they will be taught the rudiments of Administration, where they should start, pause and STOP.
And save the state from further embarassments.


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