President Buhari, APC NEC’s Action, An Aberration- Gov. Uzodinma

Rex Anunobi

My attention has been drawn to a mischievous post/online publication with the above caption,  ascribed to me as speaking on behalf of the His Excellency, Senator Hope  Uzodinma,  Governor of Imo State questioning and challenging the decision of our revered President Buhari and the APC NEC  to dissolve the NWC and set up a caretaker committee in the interests of the Party. 
In the first place, it was my personal opinion as a committed member and stakeholder in APC hence I am not the official spokesperson nor the Political Adviser to the Governor. As a stakeholder who at a time contested the position of National Organising Secretary of our great Party, precisely 2 years ago, I am entitled to ventilate my opinion on issues that affect my Party. 
My comment, which unfortunately was misconstrued by some disgruntled elements to be the position of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, is outrightly my candid opinion aimed at the survival of the APC, restoring peace, unity and progress; and the need for the dissolved National Chairman and members of NWC to accept the dissolution in good faith and as a necessary sacrifice to reposition the Party under the watchful leadership of our revered President Mohammadu Buhari .
The opinion as canvassed was elicited by a post on the unfounded awesome and invincible powers of a politically influenced Ward Chairman to arbitrarily suspend any member of the party no matter the official position he/she occupies in the party.
In the instant case, my comment was solely on the Ward Chairman’s suspension of a National Chairman without ratification by the NWC and NEC of APC as provided in Party’s Constitution. Though the dissolution of NWC by NEC (the highest organ of the party) stands, my comment conveys a position that the suspension of the National Chairman from the Party by the Ward Chairman should be challenged even to the highest court in the land to avoid a judicial precedent that portends no good to all political parties and the sanctity of Party’s internal affairs under its Constitution.
Lastly, I wish to pledge my unalloyed loyalty to President Muhammadu Buhari, the Leader of our great Party, the newly appointed Chairman and Members of the Caretaker And Convention Planning Committee, my Principal and Leader of APC, Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, while praying for sustained unity and peace that will enviably move our Party to a higher height. 
Chief (Barr) Rex C. AnunobiAttachments area


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