Reinventing the wheels and sustaining the gains of COVID-19


The coming of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic unarguably dislocated the entire globe given the devastating manner its sudden entry took precious lives all over the world. It sent panic and shock waves all forcing nations to seek means to reduce and avert its effects. In spite of the measures to contain it the global economy took a nose dive with consequences on other sectors.

While the world keeps lamenting the consequences of the virus on the people many may have lost sight of some benefits which would have accrued from it. It is difficult to acknowledge it but we must recognize that according to the law of duality there are always two sides to a coin. It is a truism that whatever has an advantage also has some benefits. This is not difficult to behold if one takes stock of the overall situation.

The lesson points to mankind from the pandemic are huge. In spite of the increasing advancement in science and technology it has been proven that man do not yet have a ready-made solutions to some of the challenges that may confront it. The so called advanced nations who boast themselves as the police of the world even with all their advancements were caught napping without solutions and were at the mercy of the ailment much more than the developing ones.

As we live our lives, most of us have become so attached to material values as if our lives depended on it. The pandemic by confining human beings to their places of abode as an avoidance measure, have dispossessed us of the use of some of our valuables. The restrictions in movement have also sent warnings to us that some of the things and places we treasure so much as if we cannot do without have lost their value to us at least within the period.

Driving it closer most of our prominent businessmen, politicians, and top government officials contrary to expectations have been denied foreign access to medical tourism and they are not dead yet. Most of the religious leaders as well as those mentioned earlier have since parked their private jets because of restrictions of flights within and outside the country. So much foreign exchange that would have been expended is restricted.

Edge Express wishes to call attention to the fact that there is need for man to actually re-evaluate his priorities in the acquisition of material things most of which sometimes its cost may have been utilized in other gainful ways. The confinement of some people at home during the stay at home order actually did open their eyes to certain issues affecting them in connection with their family relationship. Some bad habits may have been addressed.

COVID-19 provided opportunity for many to demonstrate their humanity. Communities were awash with donations of food items from relations and friends both locally and those in diaspora. The relief items even if temporarily provided succour to the less privileged, the vulnerable and the poorest of the poor. It was a rallying point through which people were able to connect with each other.

Edge Express while expressing gratitude to all the individuals and groups that opened their hands would like such gestures sustained and should not be demonstrated only in crisis period. This can further be done in other ways outside the provision of foods but in other areas that bring development to the communities. Food it has been proven also is a very important need of man and should be approached with all seriousness. What the pandemic exhibited is akin to a war period. The individuals and government should strive to grown food even at subsistence level to meet our food security instead of the dependency on imported food items. It is shameful that with our size as a nation we cannot feed ourselves. We should actually demonstrate that lessons were actually learnt during the height of the COVID-19. We cannot over stress the need for us to reinvent ourselves.


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