Emele accused of causing rift among LGA IMC members


The Special Adviser to the governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Mrs Ruby Emele has been accused of ill feelings and a deep division among Interim Management Committee(IMC) of local governments by pitching the IMC Chairmen against the councillors.

Sources who spoke to Edge Express on condition of anonymity said that some councillors had been informed by their IMC Chairman that Mrs Emele, in a meeting with IMC  Chairmen, had told them to be having meetings and taking decisions only with their supervisory councillors, to the exclusion of others who must now become mere spectators, especially as the supervisory councillors were personally appointed by their IMC Chairmen.

The councillors call on Mrs Emele to clarify the issues and save the LGA system from being consumed by crisis, observing that, if this were true, a dark cloud would be hanging on the LGAs as the IMC Chairmen would now become Sole Administrators and dictators.

They also wondered why there was no written document to the effect that IMC Chairmen had been given additional powers to run the councils as Sole Administrators. Our sources also asked what the councillors would be IMC members for, when they cannot be allowed into meetings where the affairs of the LGAs are discussed and when they cannot take information to their people, except as it pleases the IMC Chairman.


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