The best yet to come, Ogbuagu assures constituents

Uche Ogbuagu

The Honourable Member representing Ikeduru State Constituency and Majority Leader Imo State House of Assembly Amb. Uche Ogbuagu has assured that the best is yet to come in terms of developing the area.

The enigmatic Lawmaker in a message made available to newsmen from his media office to mark his one year in office as a Legislator representing Ikeduru, gives glory to God for sustaining him in the past one year which he describes as eventful and tasking. He explains that the successes recorded so far was made possible by the massive support and collective resolve of men of goodwill charging them not to be deterred in their support because Ikeduru deserves more.

Amb. Ogbuagu pledges to remain resolute, accountable, stable and open to any good idea that will develop the area and make life easier for his constituents. He urges Ikeduruans both at home and in the diaspora to key into his vision of investing in Ikeduru so as to reduce restiveness among the youths as well as cut down the rate of crime in the area.


Incessant rape cases and the embarrassment to society

The incessant rape cases witnessed in our country in recent time is really a sad commentary on the level of moral depravity in our society. It leaves the mind guessing over the depth we have plunged ourselves in immorality. Rape cases are global phenomena that have lived with man over time but the rate of the occurrence in our land this time around leaves much to be desired. It has dragged us to the level of animals without concern for the dignity of other human beings.

What is generally quite disturbing is that majority of the culprits are people who profess the major religions whose messages are anchored on sound morals, decency, fear of God and respect for others. It is clear that all those admonitions are observed only in breach. It presupposes that the religious organizations are either failing in their duties or should double their efforts to improve the moral fibre of the society.

As much as people are expressing serious concern about this social challenge it is yet quite difficult to place a finger on the exact cause of the social malady. Various reasons have been adduced as possible cause of this abnormal behaviour. Some were fingered to include indecent dressings on the side of women, effects of drugs and alcohol, ritual purposes, lack of sexual control, deliberate actions to humiliate and inflict emotional pains on the victim, or a payback for previous offence of the victims.

Whatever it may be, nothing in the minds of right thinking people provides any justification for violently violating the rights of others forcing them against their wish for a sexual action. The statistics of rape cases could be interpreted to mean that the culprits no longer spares any thought on the penalty or law which may have become weak to exert a deterrent behaviour. Since the Covid-19 era, Anambra State alone is said to have recorded 80 cases while the country since the year according to the Inspector General of Police recorded 717 cases.

Edge Express insists that this alarming figure and the frequency of the incidents call for harsher punishment. Rape has been extended to the girl child, young girls, women and even the aged ones. Any rape incident against any female is a rape against motherhood. Who will ever support his mother raped? Women are recognized the world over as a vulnerable specie. It is inhuman and wicked for any man to take advantage of their weakness to exploit them.   

Rape and sexual violence is frowned at by religion, culture, our law and by all right thinking and decent men. It is unacceptable and nothing would be too small to put an end to it. Through rape women have lost their lives as exemplified in the Edo incident where a student was abused in a church. There are other life snapping incidents occasioned by rape. Bodily injury and mental trauma has been inflicted on victims which remains a permanent scar in their lives.

While we call on the men folks who perpetrate this rubbish to restrain themselves, we also call on the females to restrain themselves from actions which will predispose them to such exposure. Beyond that, Edge Express call on the security operatives and the various women groups championing female interest to evolve a defence mechanism that can shield or defend them against this occurrence. Very strong deterring actions including castration are highly recommended. There is every need to save our females who play important roles in our development. We want an end to incessant rape cases to end the embarrassment to our humanity.


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