How much do you care for your health? (2)

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Whatever health conditions we find ourselves is simply a reflection of how much we care for our bodies. If we actually value our bodies, we would refrain from those indulgences that damage our bodies. For instance getting obese is a challenge we can handle if we can identify and avoid or eliminate the foods and drinks that predispose us to such conditions. Sometimes we get so gluttonous that we are glued to some kinds of foods that are harmful to us. I know of someone, a diabetic patient who disrespects his recommended diets simply because of addiction and when challenged his response is ‘something must kill a man’.  How much do you care for your health, yourself?         

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has designed work to recommend eight hours of labour as appropriate for a worker. In between a rest period of one hour called break is intertwined. Anything beyond this is assumed as abuse of labour and he is usually compensated through over time. But beyond the reward for the extra time put in what we are drawing out here is that there is a maximum period allowed by law beyond which it becomes dangerous subjecting the body to excess labour. But the common experience in our world of work is loss of manpower through stress. People are constantly burning themselves out without rest; the result is sudden break down and death.

I guess it was the scripture that once queried what it will profit a man to gain the whole world (work) and lose his Soul (body). Today stress is a common killer of many people. When people die of stress that is a clear indication that such people are not in control of their affairs. It means that they hardly indulge in any form of health checks or are grossly negligent about the mechanics of their body system. Is it not funny that we care more for a piece of metal called car than we care for our body which also functions like the car? We manage the car as a precious possession making sure that it is in top forms all of the time before we can put it to use.

Every morning before we drive off we routinely check for water, oil, battery water adequacy in addition to other indicators that may likely affect the usage of the car. I can bet that in more than ninety per cent of the cases the man who is doing this car check ever hardly check for the adequacy of water, blood, mineral elements etc in his own body. Most of the ailments that attack and kill us do not just strike. As foreign bodies, when they are introduced they take time to survive, incubate and fester until they become landlords. There is no how their presence would not trigger some kind of warning because naturally they create a distortion effect. It is either we chose to ignore the warning, procrastinate or are simply ignorant of what is happening to us.

This makes it imperative that one should constantly on periodical basis run a health check. There are simple tests we can carry out like the blood pressure, fasting blood sugar level, etc which do not cost so much. But we will wait till we are struck down when it is already so late before we can do anything. This is the reason we ask how much do we care for our health? There is so much of health education around us. The Information and Communication Technology have made availability a common thing. So it is no longer a case of knowledge but more of our willingness to access this information and applying them. Those who plead poor finance as excuse are like those who may opt out for ignorance because they feel education is expensive.

To keep healthy can come from some simple activities least reckoned with. One is doing exercises. It is highly emphasised but hardly recognised and observed. It can be done consciously while many also unconsciously get into it through their routines or programs. So many ailments for example diabetes can be eliminated through regular exercises and perhaps little medications. As little as 30 minutes exercise on regular basis which can come in form of walking some distance can add value to our health. In the time past, our forebears engaged in physical activities like farm work which supported them to live long.

It is also possible that a trained lifestyle that focuses on romancing nature and shunning artificial foods can help us. I can confirm from experience that natural fruits and fresh foods can do a lot to preserve our health just like our forebears. The foods grown in our land with their medicinal and nutritional properties represent nature’s direct and sure response to our health challenges if only we understand how to apply them. They are like spare parts to fix our health issues. If you are constantly eating the foods that are grown in each period you will align yourself with the vibration and nature of the environment you find yourself. We don’t need to become experts to know how to care and manage our bodies. A blend of right foods, clean environment, exercises, right thinking (always staying on the positive side of life), regular breathing exercises and regular tests to check any malfunctioning organs could be the basics we need to start us up on a good stead. Most significant is to identify the right type of food that matches our system. It would be strange to know that it is not all the foods and drinks that we like are good for us. If you don’t care for your health you may end up short changing yourself and ending on the wrong side of life.  If we must struggle the first thing will be to acquire very good health without which we may not be able to get to our end point. And we ask again, how much do you care for your health?


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