Samdaddy remains expelled… Imo PDP

 Peoples Democratic Party ,PDP, Imo State chapter has said that senator Samuel Nnaemaka Anyanwu,popularly known as Samdaddy,a former gubernatorial aspirant is no longer a member of the party. 
In a press statement, released today by the publicity secretary of Imo PDP, Ogubundu Nwadike, the party frowned at a newspaper publication  titled: “Samdaddy To Take Over Imo PDP” published on June 10, 2020,and insist that  Senator Anyanwu, who represented Imo East Senatorial District (Owerri zone) in the Senate remains expelled from Imo PDP. The press statement stated ” this party will remind that following gross anti-party activities, Samdaddy’s Amaimo Ward set up a Disciplinary Committee to verify him in line with the dictates of the party’s constitution. At the end of its work, the Committee found him guilty and recommended  that he and his cohorts be expelled from the party. 
“In line with the constitution, the Ikeduru PDP set up a Committee to review Samdaddy’s expulsion by his Amaimo Ward. At the end of its work, the Ikeduru PDP found him guilty and upheld his expulsion. 
“The next was the Owerri Zone PDP, which set up a Committee to review Samdaddy’s expulsion by his Amaimo Ward and his Ikeduru PDP. At the end of its work, the Owerri Zone PDP found him equally guilty. The State PDP was informed of the development and it set up a Committee to review Samdaddy’s expulsion saga, and ultimately found him guilty.
 “It’s pertinent to mention that in all of these reviews, Samdaddy never honoured any invitation by the Ward, the LGA, the Zone, and the State Disciplinary Committees, in spite all summons extended to him in accordance with the processes and procedures laid down in the party’s constitution. He played above the law at all the times, showing gross disrespect to the elders, leaders and members of the party who in different ways made moves to reconcile him with Imo PDP in accordance with the party constitution.
“From our records, the following is a summary of the anti-party activities by Samdaddy upon which he was expelled by Imo PDP:
1. Indiscipline: Generally, since after the governorship primary election on October 1, 2018, in which he was defeated, Samdaddy began to express the height of indiscipline by pitching himself against the party, working against the interest of the party at the Ward, LGA, Zonal, and State levels, and refusing to honour all invitations to answer for charges against him. Such acts of indiscipline are discouraged by the party’s constitution and calls for disciplinary action.
2. After losing out in the governorship primary election in 2018, Samdaddy, violated the party’s constitution and dragged Imo PDP and its governorship candidate for the election, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON, through all levels of Court, from the lower court, through the appellate court, to the apex court, where he severally lost his anti-party lawsuits against the party. He didn’t exhaust the options for internal arbitration before heading to the court.
3. All through the party’s activities, electioneering campaigns and rallies in 2018 for the 2019 general elections, Samdaddy never for one day showed interest or participated. All other elders and leaders of the party visibly participated fully, but Samdaddy remained missing in action. Rather, he created moles in the party, who teamed up with him to fight the party from within to the benefit of the opponent political parties in an election year. Imo-based and national newspapers were awash with the anti-party utterances of Samdaddy and his gang, in their fight against Imo PDP at the time. 
4. Before and after the 2019 general election, all entreaties by various Reconciliation Committees set up by Imo PDP to plead with Samdaddy to be a good party man were rebuffed by him, and he never gave heed to the numerous appeals for reconciliation. The party’s constitution frowns at such conduct and recommends appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken against such recalcitrant party members. Hence, he was expelled at all levels of our party in Imo State.
5. On the election day, March 9, 2019 Imo PDP won 103 wards out of 104 wards in Owerri Zone. The single ward lost by the party was Samdaddy’s Amaimo Ward. In fact, his polling unit was also lost by the party. Both ward and polling unit were won by the All Progressives Congress (APC), 
6. At the declaration of Imo PDP as winner of the 2019 governorship election, Samdaddy visibly, in words and deeds, sided with the opposition parties and supported the challenge of the Imo PDP victory at the courts by the defeated political parties. That was a gross violation of the stipulations of the constitution of the party and called for disciplinary measures, including expulsion.
7. At the judgement by the Supreme Court on January 14, 2020 which removed Imo PDP from Government House, Samdaddy visibly rejoiced and celebrated the development alongside the Supreme Court Governor and his loyalists.
 Indeed, for us in Imo PDP, Samdaddy is a loyalist of Senator Hope Uzodimma’s. At least, some of his footsoldiers, who he sponsored to form the failed obnoxious n-PDP in 2018 are appointees in the Uzodimma regime, which Samdaddy visibly romances.
8. Samdaddy’s anti-party activities are there and have since been communicated to the National Headquarters of our dear party in accordance with the provisions of the party’s constitution on which Imo PDP expelled him.
9. It is therefore not true that there are any moves being made by Samdaddy, or anybody, or any group to reinstate him in Imo PDP through the back door, not to think about his taking over Imo PDP for any reason whatsoever.
 Our party uses this medium to urge our teeming population of elders, leaders, members, supporters, and the general public to disregard the said baseless newspaper stories. Upon discovery  of its mistake in appointing Senator Anyanwu into the Edo Gubernatorial Committee, the national headquarters of our Party is taking steps to correct the error. To the best of our knowledge, the newsy story is a fabrication of Samdaddy’s and his cohorts to wish  to cling  to remain relevant and hoodwink the public . 
In summary, Samdaddy remains expelled from Imo PDP.


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