How much do you care for your health? (1)

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Heath they say is wealth. Our health is one thing we all treasure so much and would wish to have it unhampered for all time. We need good health to effectively carry out our prayer points in our daily petitions to the Almighty. As much as we crave for a healthy body, the question is what conscious effort do we make in order to ensure we maintain our health? The body is like the car that drives us to the places we want to visit to meet our needs. In similar manner it drives us through our daily activities. When the car malfunctions movement is impaired. When the body breaks down locomotion is also halted.

There are many people who have realized that if care is not taken of their bodies they will likely break down in health. Consequently, they make conscious effort to keep fit. While some indulge in good dieting, others take to exercises while yet others do nothing. However way we run or manage our body is a function of the knowledge (health awareness) we possess. This does not hold strictly any way because there are very many people who knows but lack the discipline and persistence to practice the health tips that can improve their conditions. Ignorantly too, there are mass of people who believe that good health is a free gift from God and so are never conscious or bothered about any measures except when they break down.

One of the reasons a lot of wellness products floods the market is because it is discovered that people are desperate to keep healthy and would fall for anything. Unfortunately we now have so much of these products faked both locally and internationally. The greater supply of these products comes from China, America and locally but has become an issue for the unwary consumers. A lot of people who want to make money at the expense of others have corrupted the products and this is the reason we now have a lot of bitters in the market all claiming to be cure for everything. There are so many benefits that are derivable when one is enjoying good health.

Many people will take their health issues very seriously if they visit hospitals and observe many others who are holed up there for years on account of indisposition. It is possible that some of the issues that landed them there are preventable if they have taken precautionary measures to ensure a healthy body. Have we not heard that prevention is better than cure? There is so much the government need to do to promote good health for its citizens but sadly these are only realized in breach. Health education is completely lacking neither do we have a safe environment that reduces our chances of contacting ailments that can break us down. It is even worst in the provision of health care services.

It is on account of the foregoing that individuals need to take responsibility for their health care. In recent times statistics have proven that mortality rate is quite high when compared to the past. So many people are dying because of carelessness arising from ignorance. The ignorance manifests in so many ways such as through wrong eating or exposures to environmental hazards. There are many who take a lot of thing for granted and never bother to weigh the implications of some of their actions especially when the effects are not visible. Some of us believe that we are healthy so long as we are not sick or lying in the hospitals.

The present challenges posed by advances in science and technology have so much underscored the need for one to remain constantly on his toes as far as health issues are concerned. In the days of yore our fore fathers lived long and strong but experienced deaths from epidemic attacks for which they lacked knowledge of solutions in handling same. Most of those attacks were ignorantly attributed to the gods perhaps extracting vengeance against man. Today with all the knowledge, skills and sophistication we no longer live long and experience so much loss of lives from the effects of the things we have invented in order to enjoy life. We are so distanced from nature and live more synthetically.

Our lifestyles demonstrate so many contradictions. We would not bother about a healthy body but would over flog the body in the pursuit of materiality only to break down eventually. When we are confronted with a diseased body we can hardly enjoy anything.  When we break down we suddenly realize the importance of good health without which we can hardly realize all the visions and targets we have set to achieve for ourselves. Good health is therefore key and critical and should be the priority in our planning because it remains the vehicle that must take us to our destination if we must arrive. To what extent then do we recognize this important duty we owe ourselves?

Experience has shown too that through our actions and inactions we have consciously or unconsciously impaired our health through some of our indulgences. Religious people tell us that the body is the temple of God. And if this is true, if we actually revere God as we claim, how well have we kept this His dwelling place. The body is the vehicle accommodating the real self- called Soul. The body is like a cloth we can pull out anytime. When it becomes deceased and uncomfortable for the Soul to continually inhabit the real self will exit itself into the higher realms and this is what we call death. We are all on earth to acquire experiences so we can make progress and the body is loaned to us to do that. The foregoing further underscores the need for us to pay particular attention to our bodies.

It is often said that we are what we eat. This is a factual statement. What we eat goes a long way to determine our health status. In these days of fast pace where everybody and everything is on the fast lane moving speedily we patronize so much of fast foods, packaged foods, tin foods, bottled drinks etc which cumulative consumption of the preservative elements create side effects that results to cancer and similar ailments. While we glory in the consumption of the foreign products as a mark of sophistication we are at the same time interfering with our life span. Have you ever spared a thought to ask why life is so short in an era of modernity which boasts of improved living in every sense of the word? To be continued and concluded in next edition Monday.


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