Okigwe Senate: Don’t vote for ‘Judas’ -Okponwa Eze

Okponwa Eze

The Chairman of Action Alliance (AA), Imo State, Comrade Ifeanyi Okponwa Eze, has cautioned the electorate in Okigwe Zone against sending a ‘Judas’ to the Senate.

Speaking to journalists in Owerri, Comrade Okponwa Eze urged the electorate to be careful this time.

He said it would be foolhardy for Okigwe people to vote a betrayer as senator.

Okponwa Eze submitted that most of those who pose as leaders have failed the Igbo nation.

He stated: “As it stands, one cannot vouch for one or two whose interest is the welfare of his people. They have traded off our infrastructural development, kept us economically backward and have accepted power in exchange for our existence.

“We must be wary of all candidates from the camp of the ‘Judas’, as their ambition is tailored towards strengthening the plot against our people.

“I think the time has come for us to take our destinies in our own hands. It smacks of incurable disease for a sane and reasonable man to empower his enemy. We can’t continue giving mandate to those who will turn around and hand us over to be killed in the same manner Judas Iscariot sold out Jesus Christ.

“God created the Igbo man to exist alongside his fellow human beings. We were not created slaves and nobody should reduce us to that ignoble level or aid those with such an agenda”. Okponwa Eze maintained that AA as a party would be very careful in electing its candidate for the election, adding that the party will win the election.


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