No Almajiri in Imo State -Awawal


By CHIOMA Chigozie

It was a great Ramadan celebration to northerners in the Imo State, as northerners in all the nooks and crannies of the state   celebrated the Ramadan peacefully after their one month successful fasting.

HRH Alhaji Awawal Baba Suleman (Saraki) the Urban Committee Chairman of traditional rulers in Imo State at his resident in Owerri Municipal celebrated the Ramadan with his cabinet and others on Tuesday in a peaceful manner.

Addressing newsmen, Awawal elucidated that they just concluded their 30 days fasting which is the pillars of Islam, as revealed to mankind in the Holy Quran.     This according to him is the reason at the end of the fasting all the Muslim in the whole world will gather themselves to be properly enlightened on important issues.

Saraki further pointed out that northerners in Imo State has been peaceful, because they were taught to be   law abiding, and peaceful in anywhere they found themselves including in this era coranavirus.

Alhaji Awawal noted, “Nigerians are one, that religion should not be the issue, once there is peace things will go well in Nigeria.If Nigerians should eschew selfish interests and put Nigeria first in all endeavour things will go well.”

He stated that there is no Almajiri in the state following none existence of Islamic centers to house them.  He explained that as a leader if there are any, he would have reported to the state government. Continuing he noted that northerners has stayed in Imo State for about 100years and will not tolerate any person or group that will attempt to truncate their peaceful co-existence with Imolites adding that his cabinet are really working hard to ensure the northerners do not cause problem in the state.


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