Imo and the “Dumb-baby“ Legislature

Figuratively speaking, the legislature is the principle substratum of the trinitarian model of our modern democracy. It is the sovereign organ of the state power.  In liberal democratic tradition, the legislature is an ideal trigger that propels democratic functionalism and political positivism. As the hub of functional democracy, it symbolises the sovereignty of the people and enbodies their destinies and aspiration.

Apparently speaking, the hallowed chambers of the legislature, both National and state, is an avenue for the reflection and articulation of the expectations of the people and for formulation of policies and how best to transcend such policies for the general good of the society. It also provides avenue for deep cross-breeding of sound intellectual ideologies for the social welfare of the people. Democracy is strengthened or weakened through legislative activities. Legislation governs human conduct and places it within a specific frame of coexistence.

Globally, a legislator is the eye, ear and mouthpiece of the people he/she represents. A legislator is like a signpost and mirror  of the constituency he/she represents. Every constituency can be adjudged by the type of person that represents them. Ultimately, the inclination of any constituency can be measured by the barometer of the moral discipline and selfless conduct of their Representatives.

Here in the state, our legislature has been turned into a boulevard for the entrenchment and advancement of political avariciousness. Our legislators who ordinarily supposed to exhume leadership aura and prestige have turned themselves into robots and  “dumb-babies”. They can only act when they are ask to do so. Before they legislate on any matter, they will be first detailed on what to do. This is very unfortunate and disheartening. The present political inertia and slumber in our legislature is a pointer  to the above fact. The prestige and dignity of the House have been slaughtered at the altar of parochialism and mediocrity. Our legislators only move around pursuing contracts up-and-down, abandoning their statutory mandate and responsibilities. Apart from their lawmaking and policy formulation functions, they have derelicted their oversight and investigative functions thereby making themselves weak and vulnerable to executive manipulation.  The legislature which supposed to be the pinnacle of politicking has become a merchandise. Given the above scenario, our legislature will remain hapless, helpless and appendage in so far as it allows the legislative chambers to continue to swim and bath in corruption water that flows from the system.

Legislative exercise is not a political apprentice or mercenary activity, nor should it ever be employed to advance the cause of political expediency. Our lawmakers must strive to rise above mediocrity in their legislative functions. They are expected to build a political will which is needed  to combat political corruption in the state. It is high time our lawmakers begin to rise above mediocrity and political recompense. They should understand why they were elected and stick to their primary responsibilities and avoid being used as  robots or ‘Dumb-baby’. Legislation is not a robotic exercise.

Lawmakers are catalysts for positive change in our society, understanding this will help to guide their actions and inactions. They should carry themselves in a matter they will be seen by the people as the boldest brand of our flourishing democracy. Their action should help activate the dormancy of the executive.

This article is a clarion call to our legislators and open-up to the loopholes seen in our legislature with the aim of covering-up and leaving above board.  My submission is a call for radical reorientation from this present show of mediocrity by our legislators. They should begin to learn how to stand out as agent of social change , a change borne out of historical contradictions with irreversible impacts,  a change which according to the axiom of social Darwinism is both revolutionary and evolutionary that involves a radical and structural defferentiation of the elements of the political process.


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