COVID-19: Need to continue to exercise caution


Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the entire world since its first appearance in Wuhan, China in December, 2019. It appeared in Nigeria on February 27, this year when an Italian businessman who had claimed that he was not aware of his health status arrived Lagos and headed straight to a factory in Ogun State. His presence in Lagos and Ogun States have led to the many cases of coronavirus disease in those two stated and all over the country.

However, as the entire country had been busy battling with the spread of this deadly disease, Imo State seemed to have been spared this deadly menace as the state took long to record its first case of the disease within this period. As a measure to forestall the spread, the state government had put measures in place to checkmate the spread such as the establishment of world class isolation centres, lockdown of the state and introduction of compulsory wearing of face masks. All these helped tremendously to checkmate the spread of the disease.

Notwithstanding, Imo State recorded a total of 7 cases which occurred as a result of certain people who defied the law on lockdown and arrived the state from Lagos and Kano states.

Last week the state government announced that all 7 cases had been discharged after testing negative following treatment.

However, on Monday, May 23, it was announced that as many as 26 people had tested positive to coronavirus. This is not good news for the state and her people. Edge Express Newspaper hereby urges Imolites to continue to exercise caution and observe all necessary precautions such as compulsory wearing of face masks, washing of hands and regular sanitizing of the hands and other hygiene activities as directed by the NCDC.

On the other hand, we encourage the state government to even triple its efforts to ensure that all the 26 cases are safely treated and discharged and to also improve upon their contact tracing efforts to neutralize the chances of disease spread beyond control. In all, the Edge Express Newspaper congratulates the state government on its efforts so far to nip this deadly disease in the bud and urge the NCDC not to relent in all its guidelines aimed at eradicating the deadly pandemic.


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