How we can create a productive future -Dr Jude Ohanele

Dr. Jude Ohanele

By AFAM Echi

An Owerri based human rights activist and director of a non-governmental organization (NGO), Development Dynamics, Dr. Jude Ohanele has identified the reason why the country’s large population is very unproductive. 

The medical doctor made the remarks in his Owerri office recently in an exclusive chat with Edge Express while expressing his views on the developmental challenges confronting the country and its citizens.

He explained that poor feeding, lack of education on empathy and poor thought processes were largely responsible for the results we are getting in the society.

Said he, ”I believe that the reason our society is not moving currently is because we were not properly cared for when we were kids. And that is why you have this huge adult population that have remained largely unproductive, electing very poor quality leaders, delivering poor quality services, praising themselves over nothing.

”For me I think our generation is essentially part of the collective failure. It is important that the next generation is not allowed to fail. There are few things that we can do to protect the next generation so that they don’t become failures like us.”

One of the things he identified is that we need to be able to feed the kids properly. He condemned the concept of feeding hunger with starchy foods alone which he pointed out most of us were fed with. Ohanele stressed the need for minerals and vitamins that children need for their brains to develop very well so that they can have the necessary mental capacity to solve the problems created by their parents.

In his words, “there is need for us to totally readjust the food by feeding our children appropriately and in a more optimized manner with special focus on nutrition that they can get adequate micro nutrients including protein, carbohydrates and other things.”

The second observation the activist made is to educate those children incorporating in their education two critical issues which are empathy and critical thinking. According to him, the reason the society is very very violent is that we were not taught empathy at school. Parents he noted feel good that their children are so strong in physical combat and can dislodge any opponent adding that mothers even boast of their children’s strength to beat up their mates.

Speaking further he commented that,” we need to bring up children who understand that there is no need for all that, that they can use their mental ability to dialogue to solve all the problems that confront them. A lot of education and empathy is needed here”.

The third point the doctor stated is critical thinking-”here we need to bring up children to ask the necessary questions, not those who will follow unworkable processes recommended by parents. We need children who should ask questions all the time seeking to know why this, why not this. It is only in asking critical questions that we can get a very functional society with reasonable human beings.

“A society that is involved in doing bill boards and praise singing cannot produce what we need. So, we need a society made up of children devoid of sycophancy and who will tackle the real issues confronting the society in order to solve them. We need to have the government prioritize these issues and if they can do so then you know that we have a future.”


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