Propaganda war dangerous for ruling govt and opposition parties

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The statement is heard that when two elephants fight it is the grasses on which they stand to do battle that will suffer. Similarly, when the ruling party and the opposition party engage in a war of attrition through the instrumentality of propaganda it weighs heavily against the people that they are seeking to influence and buy over.

For sometimes now there has been a long drawn debacle of media propaganda on every possible channel where the opposition party and the ruling government have been slugging it out in a battle of wits. It has degenerated to a level that discerning minds are beginning to question if the actors really appreciate the implications of their actions on themselves, the masses and the polity.

So far their actions smacks off outright mischief, vendetta, absolute falsehood, recklessness without any respect for the rules of engagement. It is a show of shame keeping the mind guessing on what virtues that is been passed down the lines. One cannot but wonder when bold faced glaring lies have become the tool for struggle to win or retain power. The depth we have allowed our democratic practices to degenerate is unhealthy for our collective survival.

On every score all the actors have been found guilty by our own assessment. In one case the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) once alleged that the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) originated a false official document purporting to emanate from one of its officials and bearing a forged signature.

Recently, there was originated too a claim from the media circles of the ruling party purporting that the outgone Governor Ihedioha  sneaked into the legislature to seek for clemency from the Speaker. The absence of the governor who was last seen in the state since January and the photo shopped used to illustrate the allegation all gave a lie to the cooked up tale.

The officials of the parties in our own thinking appear to be enjoying the dangerous past times and perhaps may be fanning it. Edge Express wish to state that falsehood is an ill wind that blows none any good. We do not see how deliberately heating up the polity can do us any good. We are only laying mines for ourselves without realizing that our actions have far reaching implications.

We wish to remind the gladiators that power is so transient and the desperation to acquire it or retain it by any means may lead one to burn his fingers. Besides, there is still life after power. We must not fail to remind again that positions of authority only provides opportunity for one to avail himself as tool for God to use to serve his people and not a chance to hurt, hunt and humiliate others. Power should be about service.

We are also lost as to the reason the two parties will resort to actions that also hurt them and makes them to lose credibility. For a ruling party that ascended power in some controversial circumstances and for which it is alleged to be fighting for legitimacy to be indulging in a face off like this, it may be lending itself to more disrepute. It is now very hard for people to believe anything coming from the government because it can no longer be trusted. It is same for the opposition who may not be reckoned as having anything to offer the public in the alternative except falsehood. Edge Express calls for a cease fire and enthronement of sanity so that we can create the right atmosphere for development. A stitch in time saves nine.


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