Ngor Okpala PDP accuses IMC Chair of attacking member

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The Ngor Okpala LGA Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned an alleged attack on her Obokwe ward 1 Chairman, Deacon Obinna Eke by the Interim Management Committee(IMC),Mayor Obinna Nweke on the ground that the PDP ward Chairman had held a party meeting in his compound.

         According to a release signed by PDP Ngor Okpala LGA publicity secretary, Hon Nonso Amaliri, the IMC Chairman, Mayor Obinna Nweke had last Sunday evening sent thugs to attack Deacon Obinna Eke who hails from the same community because the ward chairman had held a party meeting in which his ward executives were inaugurated.

        According to the release, ‘’while manhandling him, the thugs warned that he should not hold any PDP meetings as it was the same community Major Obinna Nweke, an APC Chieftain came from’’.

       The released lamented that after the attackers left, a team of armed military men arrived the PDP ward chairman’s house and whisked him away to Okpala police station and from there to Umuneke police station where he was released unconditionally on the orders of the Commissioner of Police.

       The Ngor Okpala PDP, in the release, urged all APC factions in Ngor Okpala to call the IMC chairman to order for peace to reign in the LGA as ‘’no one has a monopoly of violence.’’    They advised Nweke that instead of employing his time in attacking his brother, he should rather set up a committee that would move into the communities to sensitize the people on COVID-19 and matters relating to it, warning that the PDP would not again tolerate further harassment of her members by anyone in the name of politics.


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