Chiji Collins…. delivering on expectations

Imo speaker

BY Ugonna Anejionu

The legislature just like the judiciary should be great partners with the executive arm of the government to leave lasting legacies for the electorate. In this regards, what every government seeks is a very good and well coordinated synergy with these other two arms of government. Usually, the government will appreciate and encourage the other two arms of government so long as they protect its interests as regards all its people oriented policies.

In this regards, it could be said that the Imo state House of assembly under the Rt Hon Chiji Chimezie Collins has obviously impressed the present Imo State government under His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma as it has delivered on expectations since

its inception till date.

It could be said that the speaker, Hon Chiji has shown very serious commitment to the overall development and good of the state through sound legislation. This he achieved by removing all bottlenecks and other inhibitions to ensure very swift and speeded lawmaking which the state has not witnessed for a long time now.

For instance, Chiji made history when he passed about eight bills into law within the first 100 days of the Ihedioha’s brief administration. This has remained an unsurpassed record that of course won him accolades in the state then. This could obviously be the reason he was retained as the speaker of the assembly by the Uzodinma administration when it came on board. Under Gov Uzodinma, Chiji has applied total commitment, dedication and loyalty to the government of the day to the admiration of all while still applying speed in lawmaking.

For instance, the house of assembly under Chiji about a week ago commenced the process and also passed into law the COVID -19 law in just one day owing to the exigency of the situation. This bill surprisingly passed through the first, second and third readings same day and was eventually passed into law the same day. This is hardly a common achievement as some assemblies would have adopted the popular delay tactics to compel the government to persuade them financially before eventually passing the law. This is another major breakthrough for the speaker and his colleagues. Presently, about five laws have been passed by the house of assembly under Chiji as speaker since the inception the Senator Uzodinma administration.

As a matter of fact, what every government needs is a leader that is in tandem with its pace and tempo which Chiji has shown. No government will want to work with criminally smart individuals or those that have the tendencies to use leadership positions to curse turbulence for the government or even scheme against it. The Imo State government is no exception when it comes to choosing its partners which has won so much respect for the Uzodinma administration.

Based on this, it could be said that the state government from its body language is very comfortable with Chiji who has shown in different ways that he is a committed partner in the development of the state. The government no doubts is comfortable with his humility, transparency, good financial engineering and his integrity all of which he has always strived to retain in his service to the government and the people of the state. The government is also happy with him for the way he held the house together for the growth of the state.

Presently, the people of the state have come to appreciate the giant strides of the man who they now see as the best the state has had in recent times. They have now come to terms with why he won the confidence of both the government and his colleagues who retained him as the speaker, thereby making him the first person in the country to serve two different administrations as Speaker of a state assembly. Those of them that came close to him contrary to negative perceptions only saw a very down to earth and humble man with a burning desire to help better the state in his own capacity.

No wonder there is an enviable peace and stability in the state assembly since Chiji adopted a rare ingenuity to make the house business ready at all times. By this, he proved beyond doubts that he is a good manager of both men and resources. Therefore, it will not be out of place based on the above to say that the stability and peace which the house presently enjoys is what every government desires to perform. Certainly, every government will want the scenario to continue for the good of the people.

As a matter of fact, Chiji has most remarkably taken always every burden the state government would have shouldered in the state assembly by carefully and painstakingly aligning the assembly to the interests of the government for the overall good of the people of Imo.

Observers have till date continued to marvel at the love and respect which Chiji has continued to enjoy from his colleagues who have never stood up against him for a day since he came onboard as the speaker.

This means that Chiji enjoys the confidence, trust and respect of his colleagues and also the government.

What this means as a matter of fact is that there is no vacancy in the leadership of the state assembly as Chiji has convinced the government and his colleagues that he has all it takes and the capacity to deliver on all expectations no matter how difficult and impossible.


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