Adaobi Obasi

By Chuks Nwokeji (08034082725)

It is no longer news that the Management of Imo State University (IMSU), has decided to honour the first female Vice Chancellor of the University by immortalizing her with the Faculty of Education Building of the school as Professor Adaobi Victoria Obasi Complex. The honour was in recognition of her selfless, passionate and sincere efforts towards the all-round development of the ivory tower. Keen observation and indisputable records revealed that the recommendation of Faculty of Education as Prof. Adaobi Obasi Complex, was generally and meritoriously endorsed in appreciation of her hard work, high level of productivity and quality service delivery.

In the journey of life, we shall be remembered by what we did or failed to do. It is significant to note that Professor Adaobi Obasi has received numerous awards for her quality service delivery because of the numerous good things she did with commitment for the betterment of Imo State University and the state in general. Indeed hard work pays and it gladdens the heart to witness a day of honour for your selfless service to humanity. The name of IMSU Faculty of Education as Professor Adaobi Victoria Obasi Complex was so unique because is a typical honour for posterity sake. The management of Imo State University went extra- mile to immortalize her, while she is still serving her tenure as the first female Vice Chancellor of the university because she went extra-mile to put a superlative and result-oriented performance with extra-ordinary result that landed IMSU in a dramatic elevation of status in all ramifications. She has done a lot for the university community in Imo State; her tenure was a period of revolution, discovery, inventory, infrastructural development, more academic work and harmony within the University community.

The building as Prof. Obasi Complex , is practically a written epistle of her outstanding service to humanity. By this singular honour, the story of her selfless leadership service and quality service delivery will motivate the future generation to work for humanity. As a woman she has done the women folk proud. Indeed; she is a demonstration of the massive that says ‘what a man can do a woman can do better.”

From a general perspective, observers and analysts within the education sector and outside the education sector have described the honour as a welcome development because they believed that she marched activity with productivity and her superlative performance singled her out. The people have a very strong believe that she is a good example of the maxim that says ‘what a man can do a woman can do better.” There is also a strong conviction in the minds of people that she came, saw and conquered.

From a bird eye view, it was in her tenure that the insulting stigma of a glorified secondary school was erased from the state owned University. The indisputable manner she gradually and strategically gave the institution an infrastructural-facelift, strengthened the administrative system, curtailed cultism and drastically reduced insecurity; were eloquent testimonies that the honour is well deserved and those who thought of it also deserves commendation for their sense of appreciation.

Studying her leadership style, right from the time she became Acting Vice Chancellor to the time she was confirmed Substantive Vice Chancellor, she was unique and total with her involvement of all organs of the University in her administrative process. Her approach to issues singled herself out as a team player and a champion of open door administration. Under her tenure, the management, staff, students and various unions in the university both academic and none-academic unions have been working together in a unique way. It shows that when a system is working together as one, it delivers a lot in terms of progress and development.

On infrastructure; Prof. Obasi embarked on massive infrastructural development for the university, it included, renovation of dilapidated buildings, building of a new hostel for students and many more too numerous to mention. Observation based on keen study revealed that her official activities was filled with dedication, enthusiasm, honesty, zeal, trust, passion, integrity and courage. she is always prepared to contribute her wealth of knowledge and experience to move the university, Imo state and Nigeria forward. If there are challenges under her leadership; they are minimal and let us not forget that individual differences will always play out.

It is glaring that under the leadership of Prof. Adaobi Obasi, everybody has seen what success and team work can breed. She has been able to change the narrative, her determination to run with the vision of the founding fathers and motivate the stakeholders to collaborate with her in the pursuit of excellence in service for IMSU, is second to none, to the glory of God all cooperated with her to pursue and realize the university vision and mission. The pursuit of the vision of the founding fathers and her selfless efforts was what brought in the kind of stability, progress, peace, developmental growth IMSU has witnessed under her able and dynamic administration. By her behavioural mannerism and attitudinal discrepancies she chose the path of worthy legacy for posterity sake. The younger generation has a big lesson to learn from her unreserved efforts, initiatives in sustaining the growth and development of quality education in Imo State and Nigeria as well as the transformational, visionary, focused, purposeful and leadership qualities of the Vice Chancellor. A take home and unforgettable lesson from Faculty of Education as Prof. Adaobi Obasi complex is that our leaders should bear in mind that a day of commendation for a job well done is real and a day condemnation for a job badly done is also real. There is a day of labour and a day of favour; there is a day of work and a day of reward, above all; we should bear in mind that our actions and inactions are under the watchful eyes of the public, for there will surely be a day of commendations for what we did to move the society forward or what we failed to do that moved the society with a reverse gear. Considering the obvious fact that continuity is the path way to development and a betterment of the society, It is advisable that anybody who succeeds her to continue with the same pace, quality service delivery and immense contributions she displayed in office. Judging by her indisputable records of superlative performance; in the next five years IMSU is expected to be within the community of universities that will be celebrated beyond the shores of Nigeria and honoured with a lot of achievement in research and academic excellence because she had laid the foundation and strove to ensure that IMSU did not derail from the visions of the founding fathers.


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