Anxiety, Confusion

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  • As Iwu-led Committee fails to address Imolites 4 days after index case

The silence of Imo State Government officials and the COVID-19 Committee led by Prof. Maurice Iwu 4 days after the announcement of the index case by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), has increased anxiety and confusion among Imolites.

In the broadcast to the people of the state marking his 100 days in office, Governor Hope Uzodinma disappointed a lot of people when he only made a passing remark on the issue.

The anxiety and confusion of Imolites again stemmed from the fact that after observing a lockdown for a month during which period the state had cruised on a free COVID-19 record, there suddenly emerged a positive case.

The citizens want the government to shade more light from whence came the case, the identity of the victim, the contacts he has made, the areas he has covered, the source of contracting it among other information.

In the absence of any valid information rumours and speculations have taken the centre stage as the information space is filled with all manner of concocted tales.

The closest from any official quarters is a message glimpsed from the social media made out by the Association of Resident Doctors at the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri. In the message they had acknowledged the case and charged their members to brace up and grapple with the challenge

A concerned Imolite and health worker who simply gave his name as Madu in a reaction had this to say, “If by now no one has addressed Ndi Imo to at least state the travel and contact history of the index case, then it means the government is helping to fuel the spread.”

According to him, once the necessary information is obtained those who may have contracted it unconsciously would be taken in and their further reach of people will be limited.

There is an unconfirmed report that the medical officials at FMC are even afraid to come near the index case. This has left tongues wagging and questioning all the noise about our level of preparedness for something we knew all along would possibly strike.

A fall out of the government silence is that even some of the private hospitals are now rejecting patients with related symptoms for fear of the unknown.

Three days after the discovery not even the Iwu-led Committee has been able to make a comment. There is the widespread speculation that the reason the government is not speaking is because the Index case is a government House official implying that a lot of people at the seat of power may have been infected.  Imo’s handling of the issue has been described as abnormal because in other states’ cases, once the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirms a case, the affected state immediately highlights the incident for the interest and guidance of the public.


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