Editorial: Uzodinma’s 100 days in office and the future of Imo

Hope Uzodinma

The traditional practice of a reviewing the performance of a new government within 100 days in power means so many things to different people. To some it signposts of what should be expected from that government going forward. To others it has no significance because according to a popular Igbo statement a bad market day is not usually determined in the morning. 

So far opinions are as varied as the people who are looking at the issue. Some critics of the government especially from the opposition may have written it off as a non-performer within the period under review, alleging that it has nothing to show on its score card. Others in defence claim that under the circumstance the governor has done well.

Whether or not the government has done well now we are more concerned with the future of the state going forward bearing in mind that the government still have the opportunity to put forward its best foot in its plan to lift the state to higher heights. Whatever the argument maybe we should appreciate that the global pandemic remains a big distraction to governments at all levels. It may have affected our expectations.

We are not by any stretch of imagination making any excuses for anybody. We are also inclined to believe that before the government was constituted the governor during his conception of the desire to lead the state and the party itself ought to have a clear direction of which path they are leading the state. This building block is what the citizens expected to have been laid as a solid foundation.

The government, Edge Express would advise should take whatever observations made on the assessment of its score card as a learning curve to meet the aspirations of the people. This is not the time to respond to criticisms line by line. It should remain focused on those issues that impinge directly on the welfare of the people.

Government is about improving the well- being of the people and not to subtract from it. This is the reason we are so concerned about the salary and pensions issues affecting Imo civil servants and retirees. The news that there are attempts to subvert the local government systems by starving it of funds offends the democratic norms. The government should address this immediately.

Imo State is blessed with abundant human and material resources that can compete with most independent nations but have remained untapped. The dwindling oil revenue is enough to jolt the state to action to seek alternative funding opportunities to keep governance afloat. It is suspected that there are ominous times ahead and only those who have prepared themselves will survive it.

The government of Dee Sam Onunaka Mbakwe has remained a reference point of all times in the development of the state. Imo people are looking forward to have that era re-enacted. It is doable one more time and the time to do so is now. Imo’s greatest need is good governance to reinvent the state once again after what has been described by many Imolites as 8 years of locust.   Edge Express would urge the government to constantly engage its citizens and carry them along with a view to securing its confidence. Government is about the people. Co-operation of people will be secured if they are taken into account. Above all the government should demonstrate high level of integrity and transparency to make itself credible and acceptable to the governed.


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