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Prince MacDonald Enwere

One of the major constrains in the nation’s sociopolitical conundrum is the question of the moral credentials and antecedents of our leaders. Some of our leaders who parade themselves today have past antecedents that are nothing to write home about. Most of them who are in the saddle today are yet to clean-up and purify their yesterdays. Some have already started talking about leading our tomorrow when their yesterdays are still questionable and yet to be purified. It mystifies my cerebral instinct that some of our leaders show insensitive and inconsiderate disposition to their pasts. The basic truth is that anyone who fails to amend the shortfalls and obscures of his yesterday before embarking on any future adventure is just taking a risk.

Before we begin to shout Halleluyah for those of them that are presently occupying one position or another in the state today, we must first cast our retrospective minds on the antecedents of their yesterdays. Some of them have started sounding like Angels, some have started behaving like ” Mr. perfect”. That is the reason why we need to remind them of their pasts and the gallows of their yesterdays. It is true that yesterday of a man belongs to the past but it is still the hardest to deal with. Also, the action of today is the metamorphosis of yesterday. According to Jean De La Fontaine “Issues of yesterday combust into fiery wars that decimate our collective joy and entomb our future bliss.” No wonder in every judgement, what matters most is the deeds of our yesterday not today or tomorrow. What some of them don’t understand is that, to make headway in the journey of life one must purify the dealings of his yesterday before launching into the future.

According to Robert Greene “Any man with a questionable past cannot control or build a comfortable tomorrow.” Also, Theodore Roosevelt in one of his quotes observed that “yesterday is the flame that combusts the approbation of tomorrow.”

It is important to demand from those of them occupying leadership positions today to give account of the positions they have held in the past. Leadership is all about accountability and record-keeping. Francis Bacon in one of his books pointed out that ” Accountability is the central pillar that drives the opportunities of the future, while Tullius Cicero in his own observed that ” accountability is an influencing Leadership matrix that opens the window of future fortunes.”

Anyone who cannot give good account of his past positions doesn’t deserve a second chance.

 Some of these people, before they talk to us now like Angels and Saints, we must ask questions about their past antecedents and records of their previous positions. It is very important, or else we will be hoodwinked by their deceptive gimmick or fall into their trap.

It is only Leaders with sense of personal mission and unquestionable pasts can make the difference in leadership. Donald McGannon posited that “Leadership is about action, not character or position.” In other words, leaders action determines not only the quality of life that a particular people enjoy but more significantly, it defines the pace, essence and dynamics that creates the operational framework for future leaders. The true motives of some of these leaders is not necessarily out of passion to serve the people but to take advantage of the prevailing political contradictions for personal aggrandizement.

Most of them develop an imperial air of condescension and once in power treat people with utter disrespect sometimes bordering on disdain. The question is, how many of those in leadership position today have good character, undainted and unquestionable pasts?, how many of them have good past antecedents to lead our tomorrow? This is why we should profile into their pasts to know if they are really qualified to be our leaders, bearing in mind that our search for good Leadership must always be driven by key benchmarks like; fear of God, wisdom, strong will/character, unquestionable antecedents and courage to defend the heritage, welfare and future of our state. This can only be possible if the people are ready to reject the unfolding ignominious political system that is driven by lack of moral credibility on the part of our politicians who got into power with questionable pasts and character. Conclusively, according to the words of Frantz Fanon ” each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission , fulfill it or betray it”. Therefore, we must work assiduously and continuously and hope for the best for our tomorrow because Hope is the pillar of our heritage, without it, there is no future.


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