Prof. Victoria Adaobi Obasi: A woman of the people

Adaobi Obasi

Professor Adaobi Obasi has evidently become an illustration of transparency honesty in university administration. Since assumption of office as the substantive Chancellor of IMSU, Prof Adaobi Obasi has practically demonstrated a full-scale transparency and frugality.

The road to greatness is never smooth, but she glides on it like an effortless skater. For many years, this writer has been a witness to her unwavering determination, hardwork, commitment and selfless service to others. She is passionate with whatever she chooses to do and no half-measures. Being a realist, she does not believe in inordinate ambition. She looks up to the sovereign majesty for more wisdom, good health, uncommon grace of God and spirit of discernment.

Women of substance are not essentially those dressed in gold, but when you scratch them, you find that they are made of pure gold. This is fundamentally who the first female Vice Chancellor of Imo State University (IMSU) Professor Victoria Adaobi is.

Even some University workers interviewed are of the strong opinion that Prof. Adaobi Obasi is a transparent leader who does not want any scandal or vituperative around her. Since she became the V.C, she has never exerted undue pressure on the bursary department, neither has she indulged in any shady deal.

Professor Adaobi Obasi remains a woman of substance with highly acclaimed endowments, vivacious, methodical, quite stoic and pleasant disposition.

In an attempt to fully dissect her, there have been different postulations about, Prof. Victoria Adaobi Obasi. While some people see her as an iconoclastic Professor who combines academic brilliance with an uncommon humility, others perceive her as a staunch soldier of Christ. Of course, none of these perspectives is entirely wrong.

Succinctly put, Professor Adaobi Obasi, could be described as a rare breed, daisy who requires special attention and study before a sufficient conclusion could be drawn. A woman of sober visage and a purveyor of right values. If you want to provoke her ire,  tell a lie, show unintelligence, commit any fraudulent act, display timidity, slothfulness and dress shabbily. Conversely, the oppositeness of these manifestations nurture her affinity for anyone.

Each day in her life is a prodigious statement full of conceptualizations and a flourish of investment ideas. With Professor Victoria Adaobi Obasi, there is no dull moment. No half measures in any circumstance. She strongly believes that nothing is impossible in the world. All her vicissitudes are surmountable hence she does not take impossibility for an answer. No wonder, she is the first substantive female Vice Chancellor of Imo State University.

There are numerous useful lessons in her life which young and old will find irresistible. An outstanding academic who does not bluff, boast and brag about any achievement. A woman of pleasant personality who is not given to a sybaritic lifestyle. That is her unimpeachable resolution. The superfluity of Professor Victoria Adaobi philanthropy, is such that she does not like seeing people suffering.

In the financial management of the University, her wants are few, her taste is moderate and her appetite small. Professor Victoria Adaobi Obasi has entrenched forthrightness as a legacy in the university administration.

Naturally, Prof. Obasi is a woman of peace, who has never been seen arguing publicly with anybody. What is more, she does not shout, yet she communicates effectively even in silence with loud result. She does her job with all her vigour and unalloyed devotion. Infact, the profundity of her scintillating academic life is legendary.

Working with Professor Victoria Adaobi Obasi calls for serious hard work and perseverance for she is a highly principled person workaholic and diligent. She is fair, just and meticulous. Professor Adaobi Obasi, has never shown or manifested devastation in the face of the hectic nature of her office.

The IMSU boss amiably mixes with workers and even subordinates, simply because she believes that nobody succeeds without synergy. A very purposeful Vice Chancellor with robust sense of humour, endowed with good brains, hardwork, humility and persistence.

She personifies entrepreneurship strewn with benevolence, having mastered her environment by  conquering all the latent elemental and vitriolic forces against all episodic odds. The best is yet to come from the adept innovator, revolutionary extraordinaire gem of our time, a beacon and bright light in usually impossible tunnels and intricate terrains.

Professor Victoria Adaobi Obasi, is succinctly put: a generational statement.

Dr. Joseph Aniemeka Nwachukwu

Public Affairs Analyst


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