Hope Uzodinma

Uzodinma reneging on continuation of Ihedioha’s projects

The truncation of the administration of Governor Emeka Ihedioha by the Supreme Court judgement sharply severed the romance Imo people were having with the former governor. It also put paid to the projects initiated by him. Within the seven months he held forte Imo was literally turned into a construction site drawing from the numerous projects on ground.

Government we have heard is a continuum and this perhaps would have precipitated Governor Hope Uzodinma’s promise few days into his administration to state that he would continue the projects of his predecessors. This gladdened the minds of many especially the direct beneficiaries of those activities.

However, it is disturbing to observe that after 3 months into his government it cannot be stated with any degree of certainty that Gov Uzodinma is keeping faith to his word. There are numerous pointers to that which are very visible and verifiable. This has led tongues to wag that the governor was only playing to the gallery to assuage the minds and feelings of Imo people who were agitated by the ouster of Ihedioha.

When Ihedioha assumed office he attacked the challenges confronting the state from all angles and this got the applause of Imolites. We are appalled that the efforts through some projects to breathe life into the local government system have been halted. The twin projects of a Council Secretariat and Stadium in each of the local governments commenced simultaneously and the Ahiazu Mbaise’s was commissioned by the governor before his exit.

It is safe to assume that virtually all would have been completed assuming work was continued in the other ones. It is the same for Sports Stadium which completion would have stimulated sporting activities in the local governments. Need we restate that sports has the potential of not just taking our youths off the street but also placing the state in global map as well as improving revenue through export of talents?

Housing the activities of the Council under one roof will provide opportunity for control and save the patrons of the council’s activities of the challenge of moving from one point to another to access its needs. Presently, some of the offices attached to the councils are located in various areas of the local governments.

It is also important to remark that some of the road projects initiated by Ihedioha are stalled. In the ones where work is going on it is moving at a very slow pace. There are heightened fears that as we are gradually stepping into the rains the citizens would still suffer the effects of bad roads again. This has serious implications for the comfort of the people.

Payment of workers’ salaries and pensions was one area in which the past administration scored very high. Allowing the state to back stage to the dark era of owing workers arrears of monthly wages is quite unacceptable and does not speak well of the government’s concern for the welfare of the people.

Edge Express is concerned that so much has been invested into these projects and should not be allowed to metamorphose into abandoned projects. We  advise the present administration to complete these projects in order to reap the benefits for which they were conceived. So many projects were uncompleted by the Okorocha as well all the last  administration. Those abandoned/uncompleted projects represent Imo’s scarce resources buried in the ground. It cannot continue. It is unacceptable. This is the time to change the status quo.


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