Onyewuchi donates 9 yams, quarter bag of rice to Ihiagwa


By AFAM Echi

Senator Francis Ezenwa Onyewuchi has made donations of food items to communities within his Imo East (Owerri Zone) constituency.

The Ihiagwa people comprising of two autonomous communities of Dindi Ihiagwa and Ihiagwa Autonomous community were blessed with 9 tubers of yams, quarter bag of rice and a handful of condiments.

Speaking to Edge Express, a prominent leader of the community and an official of the Ihiagwa Town Management Committee (ITMC), Nze Mchughes Anokwuru, acknowledged the receipt of the items.

Anokwuru who superintends over the finance of the community expressed disappointment over the food items donated by the governor as part of his own palliatives to his constituents

In his words, ‘’we are disappointed with what he sent because I don’t think he took into account the number of people in Ihiagwa. As much I know that he cannot bring enough food that can go round the whole Ihiagwa but what he brought to us was not enough to take care of four or five people.

Continuing he said that, ‘’he gave us quarter bag of rice, 9 tubers of yam, and small things that cannot make any impact. I don’t know his basis for sharing that. We cannot reject that, we can only complain’’  

On the reaction of the community, he stated that ‘we are disappointed because we voted for him en mass and he had almost 99% in the last election and when it is now time that people are suffering, he sent us that paltry thing which is as good as nothing.’’

Anokwuru mentioned that it was the views of some people to return the items but the enlightened ones said no but to protest it to him that we are not satisfied with what he gave. Meanwhile, the Ihiagwa community under the auspices of Ihiagwa Town Management Committee led by Engr Emeka Udokporo (Omekannaya) drew 40% of its reserve in its food bank to extend to its most vulnerable and the poorest of the poor, last Thursday.


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