Need to improve refuse collection in Imo

Cleanliness we are told is next to Godliness. There is no gain restating the importance of a clean environment in a society such as ours. As part of the measures to sustain a healthy population which will further enhance the productivity of the state the need for a healthy environment is a must have.

The country as at moment is seriously challenged with the Covid-19 pandemic which has tumbled the entire global arrangement. The state right now is grappling with its own fair share of the effects of the scourge on the citizens. It has remained a daunting task which the government is not finding so easy.

Drawing from this therefore it is unthinkable that the state government would be able to cope with another health challenge if it were to be overwhelmed by an epidemic. The poor level of hygiene experienced in Owerri as manifested in the increasing volume of undisposed refuse dumps is now threatening the health of the residents of the state capital. The situation will be terrible in the event of an outbreak of an epidemic.

Edge Express must observe with dissatisfaction that the quality of delivery of the agency, Environmental Transformation Committee (ENTRACO) has gone down from the same level with which it commenced operations. The head of the agency at the time demonstrated so much zeal and enthusiasm to transform the look of Owerri but sadly the steam has gone down.

Refuse collection is one of the responsibilities of the government which it should be capable of demonstrating firm control. This however, can only happen when the appropriate agency is properly resourced and motivated.  The effects of uncollected refuse dumps include the excess waste spilling and taking over portions of the road.

There is also the problem of foul odour arising from decomposing materials which leaves heavy stench for passers-by and those residing within the precinct of where the dump is located. Undisposed refuse dumps have also defaced the capital city. Looking at how Owerri looks today it is difficult to believe that Owerri was once the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

Edge Express also notes with concern as well as delight that so much waste is generated within the city. It is of concern because of the challenge of evacuation. It is however delightsome given that the challenge can be turned into an opportunity of a sort by converting the wastes to wealth.

Exploring such advantage would provide the state enhanced chances to grow its income level, provide employment opportunities as well as other advantages. We urge the government to strive to evolve a sustainable refuse collection model that will consistently rid the state of wastes and return it to its cleanest state status. The government should do all it can to give the sanitary condition of the state its best shot because it cannot afford to gamble with the consequences of a dirty environment. We therefore call on the state to resource the agency as appropriate to enable it deliver on the expectations of the people. There is no better time to do so than now if the government want the citizens to take its business very serious.


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