Electricity, water, indispensable in war against COVID-19 – Dr Amadi

Dr. Sam Amadi

Former Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr Sam Amadi has described the availability of electricity and water as indispensable in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

 In a recent interview last week,Amadi who is also a lecturer in law at a university in the country  lamented the non-availability of water in many households at a time health workers are advocating intermittent washing of hands which calls for increased water usage that could lead to clashes over the little ones available.

Of electricity, Dr Sam noted that the men who would hitherto watch games at stadiums and be outside for other recreational activities are now forced to be at home, hence their need for constant electricity to keep body and soul.

 He commended the government palliatives but noted that the basic backgrounds for an equitable distribution of both financial and material aid was lacking, adding that in developed climes, there existed available data of citizens and their social circumstances that government could use for such distributions.

The former NERC boss decried the lack of trust in government and her agencies by the people which usually leads to giving government policies and programmes ethnic, religious and regional colorations.

He believes that government agencies such as National Orientation Agency (NOA) should have embarked on a sensitization programme of the people on various activities that would help families to bond at this time parents and children are forced to be at home. Dr Sam observed that though the lockdown was necessary for containment of the spread of the coronavirus disease, yet it should be fashioned to suit the socio-economic environment of a country like Nigeria


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