Chief Press Secretary and rumbling relationship with Imo Media

Basically the job of the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) is to interface between the government, his employer, and the general public. This interface is usually carried out through another interaction within the spectrum of a wide range of media organizations and media practitioners. In other words, the CPS cannot function effectively without the support of the media within his domain.

As a matter of great importance the work of the CPS focuses more on putting to good light the image of the governor. How the governor is perceived in the minds of the public is largely a function of the effectiveness and efficiency of the image maker. Excellent public relations strategies coupled with accessibility, knowledge, integrity, politeness are among other essential ingredients required to drive his duties to achieve the expected optimum outcome.

It is against this background that we wish to express serious concern over the poor image of the Chief Press Secretary in the media circles. It is pertinent to remark that since assumption of office there doesn’t seem to exist a cordial relationship between the CPS and his media colleagues drawing from serial accusations, name calling and unfriendly commentaries domiciled in major tabloids.

Some of the issues levelled against him include failure to take calls, poor quality communication, and arrogance, labelling the local media, constant threat and disdain for professional colleagues. Many also allege that there is nothing he may be holding against his brothers in the pen fraternity that he may not have been guilty of as he climbed the ropes to get to his present position.    

Shortly after assuming office the voice of the governor fired the first salvo when he called the local press ‘rag tag’ and the press men ‘Facebook urchins’. He neither denied nor retracted the statement. Amidst several bad commentaries against him, at the weekend he issued a release on a purported fake document allegedly issued by the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP). In the release he issued a threat which has since rocked the media circles attracting series of condemnation.

The Publisher of Edge Express recently reportedly raised a complaint over a harsh unfriendly response in which he threatened to sue him should he publish a contrary opinion to the views expressed by him. All of these put together shows that the CPS may not be in the good books of his colleagues. This has serious implications on his job and on the performance of the government itself.

It is not unlikely that the governor’s spokesman may have some axe to grind against his constituency leading to the alleged confrontational posture. He could not be acting in this manner without reason, that is giving him the benefit of doubt. Whatever it may be, we feel that his unresolved perceived grievances are having a backlash on his principal. Tongues are now wagging as to where the governor imported his spokes.

Edge Express is of the view that the elders and senior members of the pen profession should step in at this moment to stave off the embarrassing scenario before it snowballs into a deeper understanding. We make haste to warn that the CPS is fighting a war he cannot win by any stretch of the imagination. If the situation persists it is not unlikely that the Imo media may choose to blank out the government or have the government sacrifice his job. Need we remind of the Igbo proverb which states one group can comfortably consume all the food provided by one person but one person cannot finish the food provided by the people.


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