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Incessant harassment of Imo residents by security personnel

The coronavirus disease also called COVID-19 came upon various countries when they were least prepared for it.

The healthcare infrastructure of nations were easily overwhelmed and as a result there have been several loss of liven and the spread of the virus has continued, though with little signs that soon a remedy to it will be announced.

As a measure, nations and cities all over the world embarked on lockdown or sit-at-home in our local parlance.

In Imo state, the administration of Governor Hope Uzodinma announced a lockdown of the state from march 28. Since then road blocks have been put in place at strategic places across the state to enforce the lockdown order.

The government of the state called in especially the army and the police deployed the dreaded SARS operatives.

The outcome or reports that Edge Express Newspaper has gathered that their security personal have used the occasion as opportunity to molest innocent citizens. A report event had it that a Reverend Sister was forced to kneel down by security personnel somewhere. Another report was of a person short dead by security personnel.

And on several occasions their security personnel ignored to allow people on essential duty like journalists and health workers to go about their duties. We condemned these developments.

Edge Express Newspaper is hereby calling on the state government to rein in on there security personnel to stop them from further subjecting our people to degrading humiliation.

Citizens are not supposed to be treated like animals on very flimsy excuse.

We would be pleased if Imo residents are treated with dignity by the government and security forces, no matter what the situation is.


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