How are Imo legislators intervening in the COVID-19 pandemic?

During electioneering periods politicians are seen swarming around the electorates soliciting for votes in order to be elected. The politicians are known to make numerous promises including laying their lives for their constituents.

In reality experience has shown that the politicians are always long in the talk and short in action. They are not known to be promise keepers. The recent pandemic of Coronavirus that is ravaging the world may have provided another opportunity for the legislators to prove their relevance to those who put them to power.

Accepted it is a challenging and trying moment for all but it is more for those high up there in the social ladder to shown more compassion and support to those not so privileged especially the rural folks. This is where we need our lawmakers who are supposed to be closer to the grassroots to identify with them.

Observations indicate that not much of our legislators at both the state and federal levels are so committed in identifying with the people at this critical moment. A few who had shown interest have only focused on providing sanitizers and hand gloves to some constituents. We commend them for the effort but more needs to be done.

Some of the legislators even in the provision of these materials did so half –heartedly. While some gave out the items in the hotels where they lodged in the capital city outside their constituencies, others just made a show of the exercise just to place it on record. It is yet to sink into many that they are needed to lend a helping support.

Beyond the provision of sanitizers and hand gloves, so much information is required by the locals on the preventive measures to be adopted. It is true government may have played some roles in disseminating as much information as possible through the conventional media-radio, newspapers and television etc.

However, it must be observed that many of the rural folks may not be disposed to some of these and may require the use of public address systems making rounds in each community drumming up the messages especially in the area of improving the hygienic conditions and keeping safe distances. Prevention they say is better than cure and this very much underscores the need to reach out adequately to the communities.

The efforts of the legislators to stay close to the people cannot be over emphasized in the state especially at this period where the local government system is manned by public servants whose bureaucracies may hamstrung them from exercise good and far reaching initiatives to salvage the situation for the people.

Again we cannot over stress the challenges experienced by people in the wake of the total lock down. There is the added need to provide the people some relief measures in a manner that would not require compromising the precautionary measures. When people have been confined to their respective homes and disabled from accessing their businesses it becomes more difficult to meet the needs of survival.

Financial cushioning is therefore very essential at this moment. This is the time for politicians to share money and not during elections alone. The governments of other countries provided some reliefs to their citizens while confining them because they appreciate what inconveniences that pose for the people. In the alternative food materials could be provided to the people.Edge Express therefore is calling on our lawmakers to step out boldly to be counted among those who supported their people in their trying moment. There is something they can do for the people.


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