APC lawmakers to get 5 SUBEB contracts, PDP 2

Sharing formular anti-equity-feelers

Tongues are already wagging that the new Imo government of Gov Hope Uzodinma may be on its way to introducing and entrenching inequity in its administration.

This followed the sharing formula which has been adopted to share contracts relating to rehabilitation of Imo schools that are in dilapidated conditions in the state.

Edge Express stumbled on information passed on to the lawmakers from the office of the Majority Leader, Hon Uche Ogbuagu, instructing them to submit names of primary and secondary schools that are in a dilapidated state in their constituencies.

According to the instruction, All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers are to submit names of 5 schools while their People’s Democratic Party (PDP) counterparts are to submit 2.

An excerpt of the message reads: ”His Excellency the Governor has once again in his magnanimity asked All Honourable Members to submit names of Govt schools in their Constituencies that are in sorry states, yearning for urgent SUBEB attention. (Both primary and secondary schools)

‘To this end, All APC Members are to submit 5 schools and PDP 2, on your official letterheaded papers and duly signed between today and the end of work on Monday, March 30, 2020 @ Majority Leaders Office, New IMHA Complex, Owerri.”

Critics of the government action hinge their arguments on so many factors. They express the view that while the government has pledged to serve the state equitably, it is adopting policies that discriminate against some parts of the state.

Others view the action as no longer in line with the new found slogan of the government which insists ‘Imo first’. ‘It is now party first, and no longer Imo first. How do they think that everybody will now aggregate to one party and this is not right,” argued an aggrieved community leader, Moses Odor.

A female retired top member of the IMSUBEB who sought anonymity said that ‘this would bring lop-sidedness in the provision of education infrastructure because according to her since APC members are more in number it means that more of APC controlled constituencies will be favoured.

Continuing, she said, “the entire state is dotted with lots of dilapidated schools everywhere you go. The best approach may be to equally pick a certain number of structures according to the resources of the government and give attention to them, or it could be phased out as well. Issues bothering on educational advancement should not be used for political patronage.’

She contended that the best may not be realized through this way because the government would lack the courage to sanction defaulting members if the jobs are poorly done because according to her it would be treated as a family affair.

Another question agitating the minds of Imolites is why the lawmakers should not be allowed to perform their primary duties of law making and possibly oversight functions and allow the supervising ministry or parastatal (IMSUBEB) do their duties since they are in a better position to attend to the challenges. In the words of an aggrieved citizen, Mike Ikeokwu, ”this is another gratification to the legislators, for doing what? Must they politicise everything, including such critical areas as education which is the main industry of the state? What is the meaning of their new slogan of Imo first,” he queried.


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