Why Imo govt should keep faith to promises

Examining the government and citizen’s relationship it is easily discovered that there is a huge gap between the duos arising from a crisis of confidence. In line with the old worn out cliché that can two work together unless they agree, it is very hard for any form of relationship to yield positive result if there is mutual distrust among those concerned.

Given the manner the administrative set up is structured the government owes the people some responsibilities just same way the people are also obligated to perform certain actions to make the government perform its business creditably. These mutual responsibilities become very hard to accomplish when one group in the relationship equation has no confidence in the other.

This what is playing out in our country and especially in the state as at present. The government in a number of ways have come short of the expectations of the people by failing to keep the promises made to the people. Sadly, the politicians have acquired the notoriety among the people that they are a group that do no not mean what they say. This is true at all levels of government.

This is the reason perhaps Nigerians generally do not believe in the electoral process and throw themselves up for compromise for paltry sums during the campaign periods. Sadly too the politicians have continually taken advantage of the situation to bless the people with bad governance.

Shortly on assumption of office the Imo governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma gave a firm promise that the state civil servants and pensioners receive their salaries on the 25th of each month. This raised the morale of the people who applauded the governor that promised Imo people with a huge dose of prosperity. The governor in a related development assured of sustaining the programs of his predecessors which incidentally include regular honouring of its obligations to the people.

It is sad to remark that as at moment some of the civil servants and pensioners were yet to receive their emoluments for the month of February. It is not just that there is delay in payment; it is more humiliating when the government goes about its business unconcerned without bothering to explain the reasons for the delay.

Keeping people in the dark without communicating the reasons for such creates room for rumours which does not play out in the interest of government. In the absence of information so many explanations, reasonable and unreasonable are bandied about, some in defence and against the government but most often it goes against government even when it may have genuine ground for the delay.

Besides, ignoring the people is viewed as a sign of neglect, disrespect and uncaring attitude. If workers are communicated ahead of time that there may be issues relating to their payment, they will be disposed to adjust themselves to the reality and possibly make alternative arrangements.

We will urge the government to improve on their information management not just to the civil servants but also to other stakeholders. The civil service is the engine room that drives governance in the state and this onerous role must be recognized, respected and accorded its due. By keeping faith to its words the government stands to reap huge dividends by winning the confidence of the people and the consequential benefits of a co-operative citizens


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