Hope Uzodinma

Why Uzodinma and ‘Team New Imo’ must not fail

As Governor Hope Uzodinma swears in his new cabinet today expectations are so high that that there is going to be a new dawn in Imo in the days ahead. The reason for this is not far-fetched given the state of things in Imo as at present. In the last 8 years the hues and cries of Imolites over the level of gross decay manifested in bad governance shows that the state is in dire need of good leadership.
Now that there is a new man in the saddle the desires of all Imolites is to restart the state, to get it working again. There is no doubt that the people who constitute the ‘Team New Imo’ had aspired in their hearts to bring a change in their state of birth. There is no better time to demonstrate that love than now. Good name we are told is better than silver and gold and we expect they should write their names in gold through excellent performances.
Besides, politicians have been maligned as never do wells and responsible for the numerous ills in the society leading to the sufferings of the people. This is an opportunity to give a lie to that claim by delivering good governance that will delight the people. Democracy is all about ensuring that the people reap from the choices they have made by having their desires achieved. It is criminal to short-change the people who have reposed confidence on the people they have chosen as their leaders. It is another chance to make a difference.    
There are abundance of skills and talents in Imo. Those who have made the team should consider themselves privileged and never see themselves better than others. They should therefore rise to the challenge not to disappoint those who have provided them the opportunity to deliver services to their father land. Posterity is not likely to judge them fairly in the event of failure.
Edge Express wish to remind all and sundry that nothing would heal faster the wounds in the minds of some Imolites arising from the controversies that trailed the emergence of this administration, than delivering on the expectations of the people. Governor Hope Uzodinma and his team should demonstrate clearly that they are actually on the side of the people.
We wish to commend the governor over his charge to the appointees during the 3 days Retreat that he has zero tolerance for corruption. As is manifestly evident from the events of the last administration, corruption is one factor that sunk the state to the level it is today. We charge the governor equally to walk his talk because only that way can we bequeath a better Imo to the next generation of Imolites.    
Edge Express calls on the government to inject some models from the private sector into the administration to achieve the desired results. There is no reason why government business should not run when private sector businesses ran by the set of Nigerians are flourishing. We refuse to accept the age-long worn out excuses that bureaucracy is killing government business.  
The governor should resource his team, assign tasks to them on time lines, and monitor the deliverables, allow them free hands to run and weed out any team member who is not meeting up. There should be less political interference. We once again congratulate the governor and his team for the opportunity and ahead of time in anticipation congratulate them for delivering a new Imo. The ball is in their court now.



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